Hey there, I’m Maggie! 👋🏻

🖋️ UI/UX Designer with background in business, design, and computer science

🎨 2+ years of professional experiences in visual design

🎓 Current grad student at Carnegie Mellon University

✨ Seeking UI/UX design opportunity that begin in May 2023

Selected Projects


UI/UX Design, App Design

A user-friendly application that helps users to pack their luggage for outdoor activities in a well-organized, and less frustrating way.

My Care RoadMap

UI/UX Design, Web Design, Visual System

A simple and organized portal that helps constituents identify their care needs and presents personalized care options that accept Medicaid and/or serve the uninsured.

No Allergy

UX Design, Google Chrome Plugin

A Google Chrome extension for allergy identification when online grocery shopping.

Taiwan Health Insurance App

UI/UX Design, App Design

An intuitive application that helps people order masks more easily during the pandemic and search for medical information effectively.

Design Workflow Improvement

UX Design, Design System

Improve the design system to optimize the design workflow and foster communication between different professionals.

Goo Trans

UI/UX Design, Service Design

An interactive bus stop that allows passengers to transfer between different public transportation more efficiently.