Hi, I’m Maggie, a UI/UX designer with background in visual design and business

Masters in Interaction Design at Carnegie Mellon University

Previously worked with SAP Munich and Dcard

Seeking full-time UI/UX design opportunity

Selected Projects

SAP GenAI Inventory Plugin

UI/UX, Dashboard Design, B2B, AI

An AI plugin in the ERP system that can gathers and analyzes external data for the users to help them make data-driven decisions.

DMV Conversational AI Assistant

UIUX, Responsive Design, Motion Graphics, Branding, AI

A cross-device conversational AI assistant that offers personalized planning and progress tracking for applying for a driver license.

Outdoor Activities Packing App

UI/UX, Mobile Design

A user-friendly application that helps users to pack their luggage for outdoor activities in a well-organized, and less frustrating way.

Personalized Care Options Website

UI/UX, Web Design, Visual System

A simple and organized portal that helps constituents identify their care needs and presents personalized care options that accept Medicaid and/or serve the uninsured.